Photo jeunes en visite virtuelle 360° journée portes ouvertes

Attractive teenage students sitting on stone steps in front of university holding smart phones and tablet, reading or watching something.

A 360° virtual tour, a year-round open house!

Here is a great demonstration of several 360° virtual tours, for Google Street View, made by our photographer for the immersive tour of a school open house.

The open house at the beginning of the school year is a great opportunity to meet the teaching staff, students with their testimonials, the spaces dedicated to teaching and also to view areas in the school and extracurricular options.

Prospective students and their parents are looking for information to make a choice about their next educational institution. Whether it's a private or public school, a high school with different technical specialties, CEGEPs, training centers or universities, a vast choice is available to young future graduates.

Open houses are unfortunately only offered for one evening per year in general. It is sometimes difficult for a certain number of students to make an informed choice with the extensive information available on the school's website.

Choose a 360° virtual open tour this year!

You need to be present on several digital platforms, and a 360° virtual tour is an immersive, appealing, interactive solution enriched with the most relevant information.

The virtual tour will thus increase the number of visitors through its visual appeal and also increase the enrolment rate of students, thus making their choice infinitely easier.

Future students will be able to visit at their own pace and with their families, project themselves, discover the premises and equipment, listen to video clips of different projects or student testimonials several times, 24 hours a day, and even share them.

A 360° virtual tour is an excellent way to improve the school's e-reputation and image of innovation.

What can Studio 360 Solutions Inc. offer you as a 360° virtual tour service provider?

  • Consulting service with a multimedia team (photographer, videographer, drone and computer graphics);
  • Creation of a 360° virtual tour made to measure and also available on Google Street View;
  • Image quality (full control over image processing and export);
  • Compatibility on all media: computer from a web browser with or without connection, tablet, smartphone, touch terminal and virtual reality headset (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc);
  • Integration option: We can insert text, photos, videos, sound, maps, logos, galleries, etc;
  • Tailor-made navigation interface in accordance with your graphic identity;
  • Integrated videoconferencing: private, group or public
360 Virtual Tour | Master Group Training Room

If you wish, you can host it on your own server and collect visitor statistics. We provide a turnkey 360° virtual tour, tailor-made and beyond what you can imagine. Contact us: +1 844 360 2360 #700

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