What is a 360-degree product ?


360 ° product photography is a simple and innovative way to view an item from all angles. The 360 ​​product consists of a series of 24 to 72 photos of the item at varying degrees rotating on itself, creating a fluidity of rotation.


These high-resolution images are individually optimized and then animated using an html 5 player, creating interactivity and animation. You can virtually manipulate it, zoom in on details and share that information on the internet.


You find this technology on online stores, websites of manufacturers, wholesalers or resellers. You can also find them on interactive terminals in trade shows or in museum rooms.

360 ° product photography is applicable in many sectors :
  • Industrial (tools, specialized equipment, hardware, spare parts)
  • Fashion (clothes, shoes, accessories)
  • Museum (sculpture, archives, models)
  • Furniture (chair, bed, desk)
  • Sports goods
  • Modeling

Industrial 360°product

360° products for manufacturers of footwear and textiles

360° products for virtual museums and exhibitions

How is the 360° product becoming the future of e-Commerce imagery?

a. Static images are no longer sufficient to assure the customer with conviction that they are making the right purchase. On the other hand, 360 products give the impression to Internet users of manipulating the object.
b. The 360 ​​photo of your products makes the buying decision easier. As a result, you will see your sales rate increase and your item returns decrease significantly.

When to use the 360° product? solution ?

  • Online store
  • Website
  • Interactive kiosk
  • Interactive on-board manual