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We are more than a photography service for real estate brokers!

Our photographer for real estate brokers ensures, in addition to being punctual and courteous, that the space is as suitable as possible for a shoot. To do this, each room must be optimized as a clear kitchen and bathroom counter. Any object without aesthetic appeal will be removed, such as functional objects (example: kitchen trash can, paper towel roll, floor mat in front of the kitchen counter or doorway, to name a few).Buyers are bombarded with images (more than 2000 when looking for their next home), which is why the goal is to lighten the room to leave freedom to the eye of the potential future buyer, to travel in space with lightness.

We are your valuable collaborator!

We take as many photos as necessary: ​​no limit. Our rates are based on the area to be covered. The work of the photographer does not stop at the shooting. We work diligently to optimize the image like in an interior design magazine. We are looking for an image with natural colors in a bright space.We create photos that lead the future buyer from the virtual visit to the free visit. Having one of the best real estate photographers in Greater Montreal will assure your clients of your professionalism.

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