What are the benefits of the 360° product?

Interactive presentation for better customer control

Consumers today are looking for a virtual and interactive shopping experience. A simple product image does not allow buyers to make a purchase. Their online shopping experience should mimic the engagement of their in-store experience.

Consumer Engagement

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The simplicity of 360° user experiences emphasizes item details without cluttering your product pages. Providing multiple viewing angles increases the visual information and confidence consumers need to purchase your products online..
  • Larger shopping cart and fewer returns: When using 360° photography to differentiate a new product line, many companies have found that the return rate of their rotating products has dropped by 50%. Additionally, consumers are 85 times more likely to share positive reviews than negative reviews online thanks to 360 ° product imagery.


Return rate

Companies are finding that the rate of return of their rotating products has dropped significantly.

Positive reviews

Thanks to 360° products, consumers are 85 times more likely to share positive reviews.

Conversion rate

A customer who visualizes the product in 360° is more convinced and turns his online visit into a purchase.

Option on request

A study of consumers has found that they want this option.

* Statistics revealed by Digital Commerce 360. and Adobe Scene 7

MultipleMarketing use

  • Website
  • Interaction terminal/touch screen (kiosk)
  • 36 images and many solutions! You can select different angles among these for your marketing uses, your catalog, your social networks ...
  • We also provide animated gif format. This is perfect for Instagram or mp4 video format for other social networks.

eCommerce Website

The merchant's objective is to convince the customer to buy his product. The 360 ° view of an item offers a whole new online shopping experience for the buyer. Indeed, the 360 ° product has a reassuring effect for the buyer since he can see the product from all angles and thus converts a simple visit into a purchase.

Animated Gif for social networks

Share your new product on all your social networks with a single click thanks to an animated gif (video format also included). Your subscribers will see your new item and will be convinced to go shopping online on your eCommerce site.

Choose your best views


36 images and many solutions!

Shooting 36 high-resolution images allows for multi-use.
You can select different angles among these for your marketing uses. Whether it is to document your catalogs, your marketing image, the 360° product offers you the choice of an alternative view.