360° virtual tour of your company's industrial facilities.

The investment in corporate facilities is significant, regardless of the industry sector. It is therefore always interesting to demonstrate the technical aspects and production efficiency of your company by opening your doors to your customers or prospects. However, security, health or proximity situations can slow down physical visits to companies. The best broadcasting tool that a sales manager would like to propose to his interlocutor is a 360° virtual visit with a live accompaniment. We have this tool for you!

What fully customizable 360° immersive presentation solutions do we have for you? ALL OF THEM!

The introduction of the virtual tour can be customized with an image, a video or even an action. Any infographic inside the 360° virtual tour is customizable: menu, submenu, icon, button, top of page, footer, sound etc. Our virtual tour creations are fun, immersive and dynamic. We can insert text boxes, photo galleries, videos, quizzes, external links and more. All this in multilingual of course. A content update? No problem, anytime! An offline mode on your laptop? That's possible too!

Here is an example of Cartier Emballage Optimisé's test laboratory which was recently published to the general public.

Integrated video conferencing option to better support and impress your network. Here is a video that was captured between two interlocutors and explained. Interested in experiencing it yourself? Contact us for a live demo!

We recently published an article that might be of interest to you, concerning our 360° virtual tours adapted to online training (e-learning).Learn more about this service!


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