360° virtual tour adapted to online training (e-learning)

Virtual reality training is a powerful learning tool for companies, schools or training centers.

Our specialized add-on modules for training in a 360° immersive environment allow companies to train in sales, marketing, security or recruitment. For specialized schools or training centers, these are opportunities to discover or test students in environments that are difficult to access or with very specific situations.

Safety training: Train your teams in real-life situations in the areas of safety or general and mandatory regulatory training.

Health and hygiene training : Ideal support for training your teams in hygiene, handling, RSI and all risks in general.

HR recruitment support: Use the virtual tour for the onboarding process, recruitment, interviews and training.

Our 360° virtual reality tour creation service is customized and turnkey from the beginning to the end of the mandate. We have many customized solutions, such as the interface for large screen and mobile version for the same 360° virtual tour. We can integrate many different media: photo, video, logo, text box, icons, map, etc. Multilingual interface and compatibility with virtual reality glasses.

Complementary modules dedicated to e-Learning.

  • Multiple choice questionnaires (MCQs): Measure skills with interactive multiple choice questions through the virtual tour.
  • Gamification: Error game, escape game and role play are all possibilities available to you
  • Point system: Integrate a point system by objects found, by correct answers with final score.
  • Validation of knowledge: Validate and trace training steps in your virtual reality modules.
  • Voice over: Dynamize and guide the user in your virtual reality training module.
  • Integration into your Learning Management System (LMS): Import the results into most LMSs without any problems.

Virtual reality, with its playful and immersive aspect, allows for highly effective memorization. It is an innovative and engaging tool. It is effective for training, human resources, sales and marketing.


Discovery learning, facility tours, training simulations, health and safety quizzes and risk hunts are just a few of the applications in which the training industry has adopted 360° virtual tours.

With virtual reality, you engage the senses, emotions and cognitive functions of the brain by tapping into the most powerful aspects of retention.

Contact us for a live demo on all the possibilities that are available to you! You will also discover our live session module integrated in the 360° virtual tour. This "Video Conference" type of screen sharing is available in several modes: public, private or Classroom.